An announcement

On Saturday 4th August 2018 we will be holding a Town Crier Competition in Windsor. 

Members of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers will descend on the Royal Borough on 4th August 2018 for a day of friendly competition in Windsor Town Centre to see who is the best crier on the day.

This will be the 2018 AHGTC National Championship competition.

As host, I am the only guild member who cannot enter, but will take on the role of organiser and master of ceremonies.

We will be welcoming criers from all over the country (and hopefully from overseas too) so the day is sure to be a riot of colourful liveries, tricorn hats and plenty of loud noise. There is no charge for the general public to come along and watch the fun.

So, make a date for your diary. Saturday 4th August 2017 and come to Windsor’s Town Crier Competition.