Town Criers are a patriotic bunch. The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers states that ALL cries shall end with “God save the Queen/King”.

Town criers are also practical people. One of the first bits of advice I was given it “enjoy yourself”. There is no point getting dressed up and shouting at passers by unless you are going to have fun doing it.

Town criers are a friendly bunch.  Within hours of being appointed i had had three congratulatory phone calls from criers I had never met, just saying hello and wishing me all the best.

Town criers are funny people.  I introduced myself to the local town crier while visiting relatives in the midlands and was told “the secret to being a good Town crier is to remember the ABCs and XYZs of town crying”.

“The ABC is Always Be Confident” he said.

“What is the XYZ then?” I asked

“Check Your Zip”