There are around 200 criers in Britain and in general we are a friendly, supportive community who work together to enhance the role and help each other perform it to the best of our abilities. There are two guilds AHGTC and LCTC that criers can join, each with its own rules and regulations. I happen to be a member of the AHGTC but consider those who join the other guild to be part of the same big family.

Support your local Town Crier

If you are looking for a town crier to help out at a function somewhere other than the Royal Borough (or close neighboring towns) you may want to ask their local crier before you ask me. Here are details of just a few of my fellow criers who might appreciate your call. For a more definitive list visit the AHGTC and LCTC sites.

Haslemere Town Crier

Christian Ashdown is the crier for Haslemere in Surrey.  He used to be based at Windsor during his days as a Household Cavalryman and his current Crier’s livery includes spurs on his boots in a nod to his former career.

Newbury Town Crier

Brian Sylvester is the Town Crier for Newbury. He has been crier for more than 15 years. It is nice that I am not Berkshire’s only Crier. I can’t find his website but you can contact him through the Council

Worthing Town Crier

Bob Smytherman is the official Town Crier for Worthing, West Sussex a role re-introduced by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative in 2014. Bob is great fun to know.

Arundel Town Crier

Angela Standing is the Town Crier for the historic town of Arundel. Not only is she a phenomenally loud crier, but she also regularly name checks Windsor in her standard ‘home cry’ at competitions.

Wimborne Minster Town Crier

Another crier called “Chris Brown” (and he got there first, so at competitions they generally refer to me as ‘young Chris’ which is nice) but Wimborne’s Chris Brown is a bit of a legend. He has been involved in music all his life, regularly DJs and performs at festivals throughout the summer and is also Serjant of the Wimborne Militia. His livery is based on Civil War period clothing and time spent with Chris is always fascinating.


Beaconsfield Town Crier

Dick Smith has been the official  crier for Beaconsfield since 1969 making him one of the longest serving Criers in the world.

High Wycombe Town Crier

The Town Crier announces those who have put on weight with the cry of, “And some more!” – which prompts loud boos from the assembled crowd.