Chris Brown is the Official Town Crier of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

A unique role requiring a love of history, a friendly professional manner… and a seriously loud voice.

This role in the Royal Borough is all about delivering proclamations,  telling people about upcoming events, warmly welcoming visitors to the borough, accompanying the Mayor and assisting at civic events and charity functions and helping promote the good name of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the 70th anniversary of her reign.

As part of the celebrations for this Platinum Jubilee year Windsor will host a number of special events.

At 2.00pm on Thursday 2nd June there will be a special proclamation from the Queen Victoria Statue on the High Street. This cry will be read out by 200 criers in various towns around the commonwealth at the same time.

Later that evening we will repeat the cry and light a beacon and have fireworks at the Castle end of The Long Walk

Town Criers Competition in the town centre on Saturday 20th August.

windsor championships 2018

The competition will be held beneath the Salisbury Tower on the lawn outside the castle wall and will feature criers from around the country competing to see who scores best for volume, diction and clarity. There is no cost to come and watch the event which is suitable for all the family, so please feel free to come along and enjoy the day.

Chris does not charge a fee to charities for attending their events within the Royal Borough.

He has appeared at over 300 events, but if you want the Town Crier to attend your occasion, you do need to ask.

Book Chris for charity events, parades, openings, television, fairs, weddings, corporate events and anything else where you want to get noticed.

As a member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, Chris fully insured when attending events.

Cruising with Jane McDonald Series 7 Broadcast May 2021 Channel 5 TV
A still from “Cruising with Jane McDonald” – Broadcast May 2021 Channel 5 TV
Royal Wedding 2018
Annual 21 Gun Salute for Her Majesty’s Birthday.
Radio 2 Chris Evans Show 2018
The day before the Royal Wedding.
Irish President’s Visit 2014

Chris Brown was appointed as the Town Crier for the Royal Borough in 2012 and has assisted at more than 300 events. Although it is an ancient role with a long history, the borough itself only came in to being in 1974 and at that time no crier was appointed. Chris is therefore the borough’s first ever crier.

In addition to traditional ‘cries’ Chris also offers local history talks, and acting as master of ceremonies for both formal and informal events.