Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies for weddings, formal dinners, banquets, garden parties, official receptions, private parties and other similar events in the Royal Borough.


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What people say:

“It was a terrific evening! Thank you so much for being such an entertaining host”

Mark McGuigan from Samsung, May 2023

“Chris was fantastic! Really added to the evening – was friendly, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure the group had a good time. Thanks so much!”

Kate from ‘First Agency’ Jan 2023

“Thank you for your job at the Guildhall last weekend. It has been a pleasure working with you! The group really enjoyed the evening, and having you there definitely added to the experience.”
H. Anman, AC Travel Group 

Banqueting at Windsor’s Guildhall

I am often invited to act as Master of Ceremonies at Guildhall Banquets. Here’s what I can do for you at your Guildhall event. 

I can begin with a proclamation of welcome on the group’s arrival.

Thereafter I will act as your Master of Ceremonies for the evening, ensuring everyone knows where and when dinner will be served, location of the restrooms, order of events, etc.

I will introduce your group to the wonderful dining chamber and tell a few suitable tales about this historic site.

Additionally I can provide a short talk about the Town Crier role in Royal Windsor and specifically explain what my duties were during both Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and the Accession of King Charles.

I will call for silence and introduce your speakers.

I conduct the loyal toast (explaining a few surprising points about this ancient custom).

I will be available throughout the evening in case anyone has any specific questions about the Guildhall or Windsor. I will remain with you for the whole event and will thank the guests as they are leaving. Effectively, I am your host for the whole evening.

Having officiated at very many similar events at the Guildhall including some in the presence of members of the Royal Family, over the last ten years am entirely certain that your group will have a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Final preparations for a banquet at the Guildhall.