Drove to Edmonton on Friday to check on the progress of my boots.  The uppers were complete and before attaching the soles the boot maker Keith wanted to double check the fit. I am happy to report they fitted beautifully and so Keith will now attach the soles and post them over to Windsor.

The factory where they make these boots is a real old fashioned place with lots of leather hanging up and racks of completed footwear of all shapes and sizes.

Keith told us that the biggest single order he ever had was for over 2000 pairs of boots and sandals for the Hollywood film Alexander. I wonder if he sits in the cinema looking at the bottom of the screen saying ‘I made those’ under his breath as phalanxes of Macedonians charge their enemies.

town criers bootsKeith knows that the town crier’s boots are going to get a lot of use and has promised they will be exceptionally hard wearing. I know from the fitting that they will definitely be comfortable.

As for the braiding and tassles being ‘over the top’.  Well, the whole point of being a town crier is to stand out from the crowd and nobody else is going to be wandering the streets of the Royal Borough in footwear like this.

Keiths the shoemaker’s website is www.shoemaking.co.uk