She didn’t want a big fuss made, but accepted that the milestone of becoming the nations longest serving monarch would be a note able event.

I, along with about 150 other Town criers around the country prepared proclamations and at 5.30pm I was met by a small crowd and local press, outside Windsor Castle.

The significance of delivering my cry so close to the statue of Queen Victoria who was the previous longest serving Monarch was not lost on me. The same thoughts were running through the mind of Mike, the Windsor Observer photographer who can be seen at the end of the video, dragging me off for a few still photographs in front of the Victoria statue.


Shortly afterwards a man came over to congratulate me on the fact that my exhortation for people to join in in shouting God Save The Queen has been heeded by a group of Germans who joined in. He found this wonderfully funny. I didn’t have the heart to let him know I am half German myself.

Thanks to Nicola as ever for taking the video.