I was asked by Cllr Kellaway the Mayor to help out with a visit by a cub pack to the Town Hall in Maidenhead. When I arrived  this evening it turned out it was the same  cub pack from Windsor  I had visited a few weeks ago.  As i walked into the Town Hall I was greeted by a chorus of “Hello Town Crier”. This was a nice surprise but then I realised that my usual ten minute talk about town criers was going to be redundant, as most of the kids had already heard it. This left me with a bit of a problem.

Thankfully the Mayor, Mayoress and Mark the Macebearer all worked to keep the cubs entertained so the evening seemed to go well regardless. The boys and girls of the 6th Windsor central cubs were exceptionally well behaved in the Council Chamber and Mayor’s Parlour. They asked probing questions of his worship,  so I now know that our Mayor is proficient in programming an Ipad and plays Jazz Saxophone in his spare time.

It was lots of fun and the cubs parents and  pack leaders can quite rightly feel vey proud of all of them.