Today the Moorcroft Pottery celebrated a centenary of craft pottery production with an exhibition at Windsor’s Guildhall.  A display of colourful pots in the unmistakable Moorcroft style was on display upstairs and visitors could meet the designers, painters and skilled craftsmen and women who still make these lovely works by hand in the UK.

Antiques expert Eric Knowles from the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow was on hand to meet visitors and cast his expert eye over any ceramics they might bring in to show him.

As town crier I announced the event from a number of spots in town and found that there is a particular spot on Peascod street near Marks and Spencer where the acoustics really helped to carry my voice down the hill. As usual, I had lots of fun conversations and a good few laughs with both local residents and visitors.

Even so, after a couple of hours my vocal chords were feeling the strain. Particular thanks must go to the lady in the sweetshop  who kindly gave me a small handful of very effective throat lozenges.  Without them I doubt I would have lasted the day.