At Hastings National Town Crier Championships there are two trophies presented each year. Twelve months ago I was thrilled to win the Champion trophy, and this year I returned it, only to win the other one. On 18th October I was delighted to win the silver bowl for being the ‘best dressed’ crier.

Of course this is largely an award for the makers of my wonderful livery. So, a huge congratulations and thank you is in order for Doug Simpson of Ascot Top Hats and David Coulthard of Tom Brown’s Tailors of Eton.

It was their talent, patience and above all, their attention to detail, that has allowed me to bring this trophy back to the Borough. David spent many hours working out detailing such as the size and shape of the sleeve turn ups while Doug went to amazing lengths of commissioning a leather press from a toolmaker in order to get the hat decoration as authentic as possible.

They are both truly talented craftsmen and I feel honoured to wear their creations when I am out town crying.