Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

For Immediate Release

The Town Criers are Coming to Windsor 

On Saturday 20th August  more than 20 Criers will compete in  Windsor town centre for the Platinum Jubilee Trophy.

At 11.30am Mayor Christine Bateson will lead a noisy procession of criers from the Guildhall to the lawn beneath the Salisbury Tower on the corner of the High Street and Castle Hill.

Criers from around the country and overseas will compete to deliver the loudest and clearest proclamations to the locals and visitors to Royal Windsor.

Dressed in traditional Town Crier liveries, each crier will begin with “Oyez, Oyez. Oyez” and deliver cries of 125 words ending with “God Save The Queen”

The subject of the first round of cries will be the Criers’ home towns and then after a lunch break round two will be on the appropriate topic of “Platinum” 

Host and compare Chris Brown (Windsor’s own crier) said “As part of the year’s Jubilee celebrations we are delighted that the Council and Castle have supported this event. It will be a free spectacle for visitors of all ages to enjoy and will show that the ancient tradition of town crying is still going strong in Britain.”

The judging will follow rules laid down by the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, with marks being awarded for volume, diction, clarity and inflection.




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