This coming Saturday I will be in Windsor Peascod Street at 10.00am, Maidenhead High street at 1.00pm and then Holyport Village Green at 2.00pm.

The Windsor appearance is to help let shoppers know about the fun day event on Bachelor’s Acre.

Then it is off to Maidenhead to let people know about the afternoon’s fun to be had at Holyport fair and finally to the fair in Holyport itself.

If you see me looking a bit frazzled and sounding a bit croaky by the afternoon you will at least understand why.

Oh, I have also been testing throat sweets and so far, the quarter of ‘Uncle Luke’s Tablets’ I bought from Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop in Windsor Royal Shopping Centre are my favourites, but if anyone out there wants to recommend any others, I am eager to give them a try.

Many years ago I lived in Dudley and they had a local sweet manufacturer called Teddy Grays who did these ‘winter warmers’ which cleared sinuses in about 3 seconds flat. Whenever they cooked up a batch of those, the delicious but powerful smell from Teddy’s factory used to waft down the high street and make your eyes water. I’m basically looking for the equivalent of that experience but for throats.