“Chris, The Queen is on the phone!”

I was astounded, then quickly a little disappointed to realise it was the Queen Charlotte Pub calling. However I quickly cheered up when I learned that John the Landlord wanted to know if I might be able to turn up for their launch night.

I knew that John has had a pretty hectic few months getting the half million pound refit of the Church Street pub ( formerly The Blarney Stone, formerly The Highlander and formerly The Jolly Roger) sorted and had recently hit the headlines for the wrong reasons when his opening was delayed because 41 skeletons were discovered beneath the pubs back wall.

So, naturally I said yes and last Thursday, went to see what the new pub looked like.

As soon as I walked in I was welcomed and invited behind the bar to pull a celebratory pint. John and I posed for photos and then he showed me what they had done to the old place. I think it looks totally terrific, but this blog isn’t for advertising, so I simply urge you all to go and take a look for yourself; I am sure you will be very, very impressed.

We were also asked to step outside for a photo and the photographer did a terrific job as you can see.

back inside the pub they asked me to ring he bell and probably regretted it as I used the opportunity to try out a little verse I had concocted for the evening.