This morning I was in town celebrating with the rest of Windsor the happy news of the arrival of a new member of the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth on Monday 22 July to a baby boy at 4.24 pm who weighed in at a very healthy 8lb 6oz.

“Oyez Oyez Oyez 

Citizens of Windsor

And visitors from both far and near

gather round and listen

the great tidings that I bear

 Let joy be spread

Let it be known that on this happy day,

we welcome an addition to our Windsor Family

 Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess

on the birth of their first born son

A new Prince and future King of this realm

A great day for everyone.

The Baby was born yesterday

at twenty four minutes past four,

On the day the sun in the sky shone its hottest and brightest

for many a long year.

We wish our new prince a long, healthy and happy life. 

God Save the Queen”