I have been putting the town crier’s scroll together. A broom handle cut into thirds (two bits needed plus one for if I make any big mistakes) seems the right size. For finials, I got four small wooden door knobs from Majacks on Dedworth Rd, Windsor.

A bit of wood glue and masking tape to hold things in place during drying are all that seems to be required to get the essentials for the scroll ends. I have a pot of wood stain to make the thing look a bit more impressive and was thinking about trying my hand at gold leaf to add a bit of extra finery.

The idea I had last week of carving tudor roses into the ends is still in my plans, but has been shunted into the ‘long term’ category. I know my limits and have got a bit too much on my plate to be thinking about learning the art of woodwork. However, give it a year and I am sure you will see a tudor rose or two appearing on scroll MK II.